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Best Countdown Plugins for WordPress


Perusers regularly ask us how to add a countdown clock to their site. Countdown clocks are an extraordinary method to fabricate expectation, fervor, and make a FOMO impact on your site.

There are loads of different countdown plugins out there that allowed you to make a countdown clock, so which one would it be advisable for you to use?

In this article, we’ll share the best countdown plugins for WordPress and explain the critical highlights of each.

What is a Countdown Timer Plugin and When You Need it?

A countdown clock plugin permits you to show a clock that checks down to a specific time or date.

Brilliant advertisers use countdown clocks to construct energy and make a need to keep moving among their customers. It assists them with taking benefit of the FOMO impact to help transformations.

There are numerous WordPress plugins that permit you to add countdown clocks to your site.



OptinMonster is an incredible popup and lead age plugin for WordPress. It permits you to change over abandoning site visitors into endorsers and paying customers.

With OptinMonster, you can make both static and evergreen clocks. You can make however many clocks as you need, and you can use different clocks on different pages.

There are heaps of ways you can situate your countdown clock using OptinMonster. A standout amongst others is to use a floating bar that adheres to the top or bottom of your page. That way, it stays noticeable consistently.

They permit you to include countdown clocks popups, floating bars, full-screen doormats, scroll boxes, and inline gadgets.

On top of that, you can personalize the clocks dependent on the user’s area, which page they’re on, where they’re visiting from, and then some.



The SeedProd plugin is an extraordinary option if you need a “coming soon” page for your site. It allows you effectively to set up a unique landing page and put your site into coming soon or maintenance mode.

With this plugin, you’ll make a typical clock that tallies down to a similar point for everybody. That will as a rule be the day that your site dispatches. You can’t use it’s anything but an evergreen clock.

One truly cunning SeedProd highlight is that you can set your site to instantly dispatch when the clock finishes. You don’t need to make sure to do it without anyone’s help physically. Simply turn on the ‘auto launch highlight while adding the countdown clock to your page or editing it.

Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate is another acceptable option to consider if you need to make a typical countdown clock. It’s a basic plugin and doesn’t can show evergreen clocks that are specific to individual site visitors.

You can use Countdown Timer Ultimate to make however many countdown clocks you need, and you can customize how they look somewhat.

The master plugin gives you further developed options. These include being ready to show specific content when the countdown lapses and additional plan highlights.

Countdown Builder

Countdown Builder

Countdown Builder is a basic countdown clock with various different styles worked in. These include circle countdowns, flip clock countdowns, and surprisingly a coming before long page.

You can put your clock within a post or page in the WordPress block editor by selecting the ‘Countdown’ block (under ‘Gadgets’). You can likewise decide to automatically show it on specific posts or pages.

If you need, you can alter how your check glances in detail, changing things like the text dimension, the marks, and the liveliness style. You don’t have to do this with CSS. There’s an implicit editor.

With the ace adaptation, you can add an email join, plan clocks ahead of time, show/hide clocks on cell phones, and then some. The expert adaptation is evaluated from $19.99 upwards, depending on what highlights you need.

Evergreen Countdown Timer

Evergreen Countdown Timer

The Evergreen Countdown Timer allows you to make evergreen countdowns, as you may anticipate from its name. You can likewise use it to make ordinary countdowns too.

You can pick how the plugin identifies visitors, either by a treat or by their IP address.

To add the clocks to your page, you’ll need to enter a shortcode. You can just copy and paste this from the Manager segment of your countdown clock settings.

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When your clock hits zero, you can automatically divert your preferred visitor to a URL. For instance, you could send them to an enrollment page if you’re counting down to the dispatch of your new course.

There’s a master rendition of the plugin, which gives you loads of additional options. It additionally allows you to pick a greater number of tones than simply dark or white for your clock.

With the master form, you can give a countdown to accessible “spots” like seats or tickets. This could function admirably if you’re selling places for a paid webinar or another live occasion.

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