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Best WordPress Chatbots to Try in 2022


In this article, we’ll take a gander at the three Best WordPress Chatbots. Two of them are WordPress plugins, and the other one will be one of the most used chat tools (Facebook Messenger). Each of the three can help your business in different ways.

We will assess every one of these choices:

  • Prompt customer administration
  • Gather marketing information
  • Customized item suggestions
  • Assist customers with finding what they are looking for
  • Remind customers about the things in their shopping truck

Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger for Business is the most open and simple to begin chat tool. The simplest way to add a wide variety of bot usefulness is to use a viable WordPress plugin, except if you have a Facebook developer to customize things for you.

Quick customer administration

A few businesses use Messenger for a live chat on their Facebook pages. You can likewise integrate a chatbot layout into it, so customers never need to sit tight for replies to their inquiries.

Facebook courier WordPress chat bot

Presented underneath is a lady’s custom weaving business integrated with a Facebook Messenger bot that responds to regularly got clarification on pressing issues and saves time.
Gather marketing information
You can see Messenger information in the Facebook Analytics dashboard. If you integrate your Messenger bot with Facebook Ads, you can likewise get to measurements for those missions.

Customized item suggestions

You can use your customer chat information to make customized offers in light of their interests.

Assist customers with finding what they are looking for

Your chatbot can be an individual customer for customers inclined toward a fast buy from inventory.

Use the Facebook courier bot as an individual customer

Astrid is the 2019 Lego Gift Robot on Facebook Messenger.

Remind customers about things in their truck

Reminders can increase your store’s change rate. Maybe the simplest way is to use a paid WooCommerce plugin like CartBack or Abandoned Cart Pro to send truck reminders through Messenger.

Send a mission

You can combine your Facebook Messenger chatbot with Facebook promotions to target custom crowds. Promotions, for example, “Click Messenger,” can urge your crowd to interact with your chatbot, find items, and make buys.

For most independent ventures, Facebook Messenger is the simplest method for getting started with a chatbot. Facebook courier online courses for an online business can assist you with learning how to use it rapidly.

That is all perfect; however, shouldn’t something be said about getting visitors to your site? With the right plugin, you can also stretch out your Facebook Messenger chatbot to your site.

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WP-Chatbot MobileMonkey is one of a few approved by Facebook for Messenger integration. This thing can initiate or upgrade the six capabilities we are looking for.
mobilemonkey wp chatbot plugin for wordpress

WP-Chatbot permits you to add Facebook Messenger to your site so anybody with a Messenger record can use your chat without going to Facebook.

Prompt customer administration

You can construct menu-based chatbots to address often sought clarification on pressing issues.

Gather marketing information

MobileMonkey’s marketing platform generally gathers your chat information from all hotspots for examination. You can use this for different mission types.

Customized item proposals

MobileMonkey’s Chatbot toolset includes a customized landing page developer. So you can fit your crowd insight to suit your interests.

Because WP-Chatbot integrates with WooCommerce, your chatbot can give your item suggestions by linking to those pages.

Assist customers with finding what they are looking for

WP-Chatbot permits you to share class menus in your customer chats.

Share online business item class menus with the mobile monkey WordPress chat bot plugin.

This can increase change rates by helping purchasers rapidly and without having to investigate your whole site.

Remind customers about things in their truck

The change form tools in WP-Chatbot permit you to automate customer subsequent meet-ups. For instance, if customers add things to their truck from the chat, however, at that point leave, your chatbot can follow up by reminding them or providing replies to their inquiries concerning those items.

Send a mission

This plugin permits you to make and send several missions, including dribble missions and courier promotions. It likewise integrates with a few email marketing platforms, so you can use your chat information to help email pamphlets and trickle crusades.

Many elements of WP-Chatbot are free. Some advanced marketing highlights require membership. MobileMonkey pricing can be viewed as here.

Acobot AI Chatbot

This chatbot virtual store collaborator is intended to help WooCommerce stores increase changes and assemble more grounded customer connections.

Quick customer administration

Aco introduces itself as your own shopping colleague and showcases invite messages to page visitors.

Gather marketing information

Aco integrates with WooCommerce’s deals and marketing tools yet doesn’t offer a similar kind of one-step information conglomeration and investigation as Facebook Messenger and WP-Chatbot.

Customized item proposals

Because Acobot depends on artificial intelligence, it learns what your visitors are looking for after some time. This permits the WordPress chatbot to give a superior encounter to its customers.

When integrated with other WooCommerce tools, it can likewise give upsell and strategically pitch proposals.

Assist customers with finding what they are looking for. Most of us could do without using search tools in online stores. This chatbot permits you to use its advanced pursuit processing.

Acobot chatbot plugin for WordPress

Acobot asks customers what they need, shows them what items are accessible, and shows the ideal item pages to the customer.

Remind customers about the things in their truck

Acobot accentuates the neglected truck recovery highlight. A WordPress chatbot can send reminders to customers when something is left in their truck.

Send a mission

Acobot doesn’t lead marketing efforts similarly as WP-Chatbot. Be that as it may, it can offer coupons to customers while shopping to urge them to purchase.

The original variant of Acobot is free. Different plans range from $9 to $29 each month.

Add a Chatbot to your online store today

Adding a chatbot can keep customers on your side, urge them to purchase, and bring them back to your store.

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