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Easiest Way to Install WordPress


In this tutorial, we will teach the easiest way to install WordPress on any sort of web hosting plan using Direct Admin. Installing WordPress manually comprises of three basic steps:

  • Upload WordPress files to the server
  • Creating a database and linking it to the host

Easiest Way to Install WordPress

The steps to install WordPress taught in this article are finished in the same way in each variant and kind of WordPress. All in all, any sort of shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting, and so on, doesn’t make a difference in the installation cycle. Obviously, the intricacy of working with managed hosting increases, yet don’t stress because this article addresses these complications. In this tutorial, we will install WordPress manually using Direct Admin. Direct Admin is one of the popular hosting management control panels which some hosting specialist organizations use.

Step 1 – Upload WordPress Files to the Server

As a matter of some importance, you really want to download the most forward-thinking rendition of WordPress. Then enter the direct admin. Enter 2222 at the finish of your domain ( to enter the Direct Admin management panel because the default port of Direct Admin is 2222. Now you want to enter your Username and Password to log in to your host.

Now you have entered the direct admin control panel. At this Step, click on “Files” to upload your WordPress file to the server.

Now you can see the outline of folders and files on this page. On this page, open the “public_html” folder and upload your WordPress file according to the steps in this folder. Public_html is your host’s main folder where your site’s root files are placed in this folder.

Now, to upload your files in Direct Admin, you have to click on the “Upload Files to Current Directory” choice.

Click ” Pick file ” and select the WordPress file you downloaded in sync 1. Then click on ” Upload Files ” to upload the file.

Click on ” Click here to return ” at the bottom of the page that appears. By pressing this button, you will get back to the public_html folder. In this folder, you will see the WordPress file that you uploaded. Click “Extract” to continue.

Click “Extract” again to start the file extraction process.

Step 2 – Training on Creating a Database for Installing WordPress

As you know, you can’t run a site without database connections. Because your site should have information at its heart, and all this information is gathered in the type of specific tables in the database. So at this Step, you ought to create another database.

To do this, first, enter the main page of Direct Admin and select “MySQL Management.” Then click on “Create a new database,

Enter the database name, database username, and database password. Finally, add serious areas of strength and finally click “Create.

Record the database name, database username, and database password someplace.

Step 3-Install WordPress in 5 Minutes

To enter your site and go through the remainder of the WordPress installation process, you should search for your site’s address in your program. You will now see the WordPress arrangement menu. Pick your ideal language and click on ” Continue.

In the new page that opens, you should enter the information related to your database that you recorded in sync 2 and click ” Submit.

If the database information is right, a message will be displayed asking you to click on “Run the installation.” After clicking this choice, the famous 5-minute installation page will be displayed, and you can start WordPress.

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At this Step, you should enter the mentioned information and click on the “Install WordPress” choice. On the new open page, enter your Username and Password and click “Sign In.” Now your WordPress site is ready and usable.

We trust this tutorial has assisted you with effectively installing WordPress on DirectAdmin.

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