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EDD Plugin Installation Training for Building Download Products Store


Before we have discussed EDD or EDD Plugin Installation Training, now in continuation of the past topic, we are going to show you how to install and work with EDD plugin in this article; remain with us.

EDD Plugin Installation Training

Step one

The primary thing you really want to do is install the Simple Advanced Downloads plugin. You can download it for nothing from the WordPress plugin repository and afterward follow the steps beneath on how to install it.

To install it, go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New from your dashboard and quest for “Simple Advanced Downloads,” then click on the “Install Now” choice.

The subsequent step

Click on the “Initiate” choice.

Installing the EDD plugin is actually that simple, yet there are additional design choices that you really want to set. Remain with us to talk about this issue further.

The third step

The primary thing you really want to do is design installment choices, diverts, and so forth. To do this, click on the “Downloads” choice situated in your WordPress dashboard.

EDD automatically makes pages on your WordPress site for checkout, installment affirmation, bombed exchange, and so on, so there’s a compelling reason to need to change any of these for customary stores. The minimum you really want to do on this page is to set your country and state/province. Then click on “Save Changes.

Step 4

Then click on the “Installment Doors” tab; here, you can pick which installment entryway you need to use to deal with exchanges on your site.

Recall that you can likewise buy premium plugins to use other installment entryways like Stripe, Braintree, Dwolla, GoCardless, and so forth. PayPal is used as a matter of course for exchanges.

This implies that the customer on your site will be coordinated to the PayPal entryway in the wake of choosing the item or administration they need and will return to the site again. If you believe that they should remain on your site, you can move up to PayPal Expert or use another supplier like Stripe.

The fifth step

In the following Step, click on the “PayPal Standard” choice. If you use PayPal, you will essentially enter your PayPal email.

The 6th step

Then click on the “Messages” tab. As a matter of course, everything is prepared, yet you want to set something like one logo for your store. Messages are automatically created for managers and customers.

Here is an illustration of a default EDD email format shipped off a client with a logo.

You can likewise change styles, charges, and other random settings. For some stores, no part of this actually needs to change. Yet, here are a few additional choices:

1. In the wake of adding a thing to the truck, quickly divert to the checkout page.
2. Allow the ideal qualities to change.
3. You should use an SSL certificate to divert to a solid installment page.
4. Permit customers to use different limits in a similar buy.
5. Debilitate file transfer limitations, link reloads, and the capacity to reload files.
6. Empower choice to acknowledge pre-installment rules.

Add a downloadable item

The subsequent Step is to add your downloadable products to the EDD WordPress store.

Step one.

Click on the “Add New” tab and name your computerized file. You can likewise add portrayal, class, tag, and so on.

Then cost, now you can transfer your file, be it a compress, .pdf, .mp3, and so on.

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Second step:

The subsequent Step is to ensure your folder where your downloads are found is protected. If not, any individual can simply download the file free of charge.

In all probability, until you fix this issue, you will see a warning about this on your WordPress webpage: “Download Files Not Safeguarded on NGINX“.

Add the following to your NGINX setup for high security.

Subsequent to adding the above code, users who try to look straightforwardly in your download file will basically be diverted to your landing page.

Third step:

The final step is to add a possibility for users to buy computerized downloads on your WordPress website. We suggest using plugins like ” Simple Pricing Tables “.

After installation, you can make a “Pricing” page on your WordPress site and use the shortcode of this plugin to show your pricing tables. You can then use custom Add to Truck links alongside pricing tables to make a consistent shopping experience. Here is an illustration of one loading ID and variable pricing.

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