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EDD Plugin Training for Building a Downloadable Product Store


Selling digital labor and products is one of the smartest ways to earn online cash. Dissimilar to selling physical products, no inventory or shipping costs are involved. The EDD plugin gives a platform to sell downloadable products that can be done easily. This article covers EDD plugin training for building a downloadable product store to give you a good grasp of this plugin and its features.

Furthermore, the choices for digital products are almost interminable:

  • Motion pictures
  • Electronic books
  • Music
  • Audio files
  • PDF
  • Done
  • Website templates
  • WordPress plugins and
  • minutes.

Many of them take a percentage of your sales or have a month-to-month expense.

It very well may be a financially savvy answer for individuals who are simply starting out, yet individuals who don’t, as a rule, joke around about selling online and want to create their own virtual store and cut out the middleman are looking for improved arrangements.

Fortunately, WordPress is exceptionally basic and easy to create an online store.

So we’re going to talk about the EDD plugin.

We will show you a portion of the advantages of using it over the WooCommerce plugin and, obviously, how to install it on your WordPress site.

Why Have You Picked the EDD Plugin?

There are innumerable internet business plugins for WordPress, two of the most popular of which you are probably familiar. WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

WooCommerce has more than 1 million active installations and is used by digital store proprietors worldwide.

In fact, as of January 2018, WooCommerce controls more than 35% of all online stores!

Despite the fact that we love WooCommerce, that doesn’t mean it’s always the ideal decision for your business or selling products.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), created by Pippin Williamson, is a free WordPress Web-based business plugin focused exclusively on digital products.
Its main design is to sell digital products.

WooCommerce was originally created to handle physical products, although you can now use it for digital products as well.

One interesting thing about Easy Digital Downloads is that it works extremely fast.

WooCommerce can also be fast. However, it requires some investment, and if you’re dealing with a ton of traffic, you’ll probably require WooCommerce-streamlined hosting.

Another advantage of Easy Digital Downloads from the user’s point of view is that it is extremely easy to use.

You can use it in a couple of straightforward steps, simply add your payment details, and create your digital products, and you are almost all set up now.

It is extremely versatile and gives you an easy way to analyze and track sales.

EDD presently has north of 60,000 active installs and a 5 out of 5-star rating on WordPress. It allows us to rename the slug (products) and name it whatever we want.

EDD Plugin Features

The main positive point of EDD is the ease of selling downloadable merchandise. This platform allows customers to purchase various products.

Another outstanding feature is the ability to create markdown and promotional codes. Limits can be presented as a percentage of the base value and can have an automatic expiration date as well as a maximum usage limit.

Perhaps the best feature that EDD offers is its obligation to help you convey customer experience. That is, it has access for customers so customers can easily see their payment rundown and track their purchases. EDD gives a total history of all sales and detailed sales and income charts.

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Another interesting point is the forecasted sales report, which can provide you with an idea of what sales you can anticipate later on based on your past performance.

Being able to track the best-selling products as well as find the ones that are not selling great aids business proprietors in finding and taking advantage of the more profitable products.

Easy Digital Downloads augmentations

EDD also has underlying plugins and expansions, and in this article, we will specify probably the most popular ones:

  • Stripe Payment Gateway: With the Stripe payment gateway, you can handle credit payments without the customer leaving your site.
  • EDD Social Limits: This program gives limits to users if they share product page links on social media. This choice also allows you to disable the markdown capability and then it turns into a basic sharing tool.
  • Mailchimp: This is an outstanding program for email marketing purposes, as it automatically buys in customers to the Mailchimp mailing list.
  • Strategically pitch and Upsell: This program offers additional products to customers during the checkout cycle. It can also offer customers an over-the-counter choice, which indicates that there is a thing of similar yet somewhat preferred value over what they presently have in their shopping cart.
  • EDD Variable Pricing Portrayals: This free program allows users to add an “Choice Depiction” field for each variable pricing download. It also allows users to add longer portrayals and automatically places the depiction at the front on the product page.
  • WP Menu Cart: This free and basic plugin automatically installs a shopping cart button in the website navigation bar.
  • EDD Downloads as Administrations: This free plugin allows you to easily download administrations.
  • EDD Recurring Payments: This app makes creating and selling recurring membership products easy.
  • Posts Table Star: This program is a great way to enhance the default EDD layout and create a one-page request form that displays a rundown or a portion of your downloads.
  • Password Safeguarded Categories: If you want to hide parts or all of your Easy Digital Downloads Store, this plugin makes it easy. Password safeguard whole download categories or create private categories noticeable just to users

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