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How to Choose the Best Domain Name


The right domain name is crucial for your project’s success. People are more attracted to the relatable domain name instead of a unique one. Like our work is mostly related to WordPress, thus our domain name has a WP word in it. That gives people an idea that this site is working on WordPress. Thus when you choose the domain name, make sure that it is valid and new.

Old domains are also available in the listing but most of them are dropped. And if you get a dropped domain name, you have to do a lot of effort to bring it back to work. While a new domain may take its time but it will get to the top if you work properly. In this article, we will share with you some ideas on How to Choose the Best Domain Name. Without further ado, let us continue.

Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

When starting a blog, choosing the right domain name is frustrating. One of the reasons is not the domain name, but the extension and the price. We have already discussed the difference between .com and .net domain names. To make the process easier, we have some tips for you! You can still follow what you want, but these tips will make it easy for you.

Choose the .com Domain:

Choose the .com Domain


With a dozen of domain extensions available, it gets a little complicated to get the right one. So follow the rule of thumb, go for the .com domain as they are more versatile and extending. You might get more catchy domain names on other extensions but go after the .com one, so it will help you more in the future.

Furthermore, .com domains are more trustworthy for users. Back in the day, extensions other than .com or .net were considered spam. And yes most people bought them so they can spam ads whenever users visit them. Thus they lost their credibility and nowadays, people prefer to visit a .com domain more.

Use Keywords in Your Domain Name Search

Keywords are the main reason why your site is found in a search engine. Thus you must use desired Keywords in your domain name. That gives the search engine an idea of what your domain is about. That also helps the users to get an idea that your domain is giving what they want. However, it is really hard to find a good domain with focused keywords, cuz it will be already taken. But if you find your hands on it, make sure to grab it perfectly.

Choose a Short Domain Name

While keywords are necessary, a short domain name can increase your domain credibility. Keep a domain name that is short and memorable, so people can directly search for you. The best way is to keep your domain name under 15 characters. Cuz if a user made a typing mistake while searching for your domain name, he might end up somewhere else.

Keep it Unique and Brandable

A unique domain name can’t be taken or copied by any other person. And when you’ll get success in your work, your domain name can become a brand. And that way you’ll earn more credibility than ever. So it is better to search for the domain name you want before buying and grab something totally different.

Moreover, don’t try to get a name that resembles any other brand. Otherwise, they might ban your work or fine you for using their name.

Leave Room to Expand

It is wise to get a domain name that represents your work. But keep in mind that one day you might need to expand that work. So get a domain name that gives a lot of flexibility. Don’t limit your long-term options too much.

Moving to a new domain might get frustrating as it will bring lots of new errors. And you might lose the ranking if you won’t move the domain properly.

Final Thoughts:

You can get the domain name that you want. But only if you are not looking to do any business. But if you want to step into the competition, then getting a good domain name is a must. You can follow our guide to understand what is a good way to find a perfect domain name.

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