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How to Create a Menu in WordPress


Creating a rundown or, actually, the same menu is vital. By using them we can give a path to easier access for users to different pages. These pages can be in the form of categories, site pages, special articles, and so forth. Webpage menus are usually at the top of the page. By defining the menus, you allow faster access to your site segments. In the following, we will learn how to create a menu in WordPress, so stay with us until the end.

How to Create a Menu in WordPress

To do this, you should initially enter the WordPress dashboard and access the general administrator or have the administrator job and go to View > Records. In the initial step, you ought to make a rundown. Depending on your format, utilizing several sorts of records on your site may be conceivable. These menus can be in the site header, top menu, left or right sidebar, and site footer.

In this part, similar to the image above, enter a name for your menu in the rundown name field and click on the create list button to finish the rundown creation process in WordPress. After the rundown is created, you will see that the menu on the right, which includes tabs, posts, wanted links, categories, and so on, will be shown to you with a matte tone, which will be activated for you in the disabled and transparent state, and underneath The created list is displayed with the corresponding settings of a rundown.

As you can find in the image, you will be shown this part of the settings to create the rundown. In the initial step, before doing anything to add the ideal link to the rundown, you should specify their assignment.

Automatic addition of tabs: if this choice is enabled, at whatever point you distribute another tab on your site, this rundown will be added automatically without you having to do anything. If you would rather not, you can disable this part.

Display Position: This choice is also used to determine the display position of the rundown, which can include different choices depending on your format, so in this part, you pick what segment of your site your rundown will be placed in. In this example, the WordPress template used is WordPress 2015, which allows you to display two kinds of records, one for the main rundown and the other for displaying social organizations. is shown.

How to Add New Menu in WordPress Directory

Before you want to start with how to add another menu to the implicit show, it is necessary that you can add different kinds of WordPress links and display them on the screen, so you don’t have to enter the links manually.

Similar to the image underneath, click on page settings, then any of the areas you want to add to the rundown, similar to what is in the right section of the past image, or hide it, is sufficient to tick the thing choice. Enable or disable the remark.

Also, you can see choices, for example, tags and designs that were absent on the right side in the past step. Depending on your different plugins and post types, you can choose additional things from the settings segment to be displayed in the rundown.

Now, to add another menu to the created show, doing the following is sufficient. To start with, from the case segment, click on the sheets, categories, tags, wanted links, and so on that, you intend to add to your ideal rundown so they will be displayed to you in a gathering. In the following stage, similar to the image beneath, select each of them that you want to add to your rundown, click on the Add to list button, and wait a couple of seconds until the rundown is added and on the left under the rundown structure title. be shown to you.

As you can find in the image, we have two tabs in this segment, which are named Home and Sample Tab, and by selecting them and clicking the Add button, they were added to my menu list, which is on the left half of the image, and now tapping on the button is sufficient. Save the rundown Click to display the rundown on your site. As you can find in the tab segment, there are three tabs with the latest titles, see all, and search, which you can rapidly access by clicking on any of the tabs. access to the tab you want to add to the rundown, in the same way for categories, tags, and so on. You can do this and select the things in each of them using These three tabs are easy to find and add to your rundown.

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Manage Positions in the WordPress Directory

Now that the work is finished on the rundowns in WordPress and you have attempted to create a rundown in WordPress, depending on the kind of template, several rundowns can be shown in different places at the same time, in the path of View > Records, click on the management tab of the positions. so a screen similar to the image underneath will be displayed to you, and then select any rundown you have made for different segments from among the available choices to be displayed in it. As you can find in the image underneath, my template has two kinds of records, one for the main rundown and the other for social organizations, so that when you enter the link of social organizations, the ideal symbol will be displayed in it.

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