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How to Hide Featured Images on Posts in WordPress


There comes a time when you get to see 2 of the same images on your post. One is the image that you posted within the body and one is the featured image. Since most WordPress themes won’t remove the feature image by default. And sometimes the user doesn’t want to remove the feature image, since it appears on the thumbnail of your post. But seeing 2 similar images on the post is not a charming thing at all.

So what we need is to hide the featured image from the post. So it will only appear in the thumbnail of your image and nowhere else. If you are using a theme that adds the first image as a featured image? Then this guide is perfect for you, here we will show you how you can hide Featured images on individual WordPress posts.

Why Hide Featured Images on Posts?

Hide Featured Images on Posts in WordPress

A featured image is a theme feature in your WordPress. This means it will automatically post a thumbnail of your article. Even if you don’t want that image as a featured image for your article. It is not clear what image you’ll use first, but that image will be displayed as your featured image. We are here to get rid of this problem and hide the feature image from your post. You can use ways to manually select the feature image, but that is a talk of some other time.

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If you are still keen to hide the featured image instead of using plugins to set it yourself? Then proceed below and find out how you can do that. It will require you to download some plugins. But since these plugins are available on the WP store, they are completely safe and easy to use. Without further ado, let’s continue to Hide Featured Images on Posts.

How to Hide Featured Images on Posts in WordPress

First thing first, you need to download the Hide Featured Image plugin. It is simple to use and has nothing complicated or extra steps to do.

  1. Activate the plugin and open the post where you want to hide the featured image. Scroll down and you’ll see a “Show/Hide Featured Image” meta box.
  2. Check the box of “Show/Hide Featured Image” and publish the post.
  3. Now even if you have set the feature image in your post, it won’t appear on your published page.

This plugin does not delete the feature image, it just hides it from the public. Only you can see the image, cuz you have control over the backend. Everyone visiting your website won’t be able to see that featured. If you ever want to see the featured image again, just uncheck the meta box and you are good to go.

This plugin even works with the custom post types as long as you keep it activated.

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