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How to Install WordPress Themes


Hi to all users and visitors of the. This article will give a complete tutorial to set up and Install WordPress Themes; please stay with us.

What Is a Template?

WordPress theme is known by different names, for example, WordPress topic, WordPress theme, WordPress template, and WordPress theme. However, of all these words and adjectives, two are all the more normally used in Iran, which are WordPress template and WordPress skin, separately. The WordPress theme is actually the look and feel of our website, yet it isn’t restricted to the appearance; it can have different tools with different uses.

How to Install WordPress Themes

To install the template, you should initially enter the administration of your website.

Sign In to the WordPress Management Panel

For this, you should initially add wp-login.php/to the furthest limit of your site address. If you have entered it accurately, a page like the one underneath will be displayed. As you know, each time you access your site, you really want to enter your site’s wp-admin.

Enter your account details, including the username and password you created when you installed WordPress, and click the Login button to enter the main WordPress panel. Be careful that this user name should have full management access to have the option to apply the ideal skin.

Install the Template Through the WordPress Admin Panel

After opening the management panel, you want to go to the View > Skins menu. In this part, you can manage your templates.

After entering the themes segment, you will see three default WordPress themes. To add new themes, you want to click on add new theme.

In this part, a page will open for you where ready wordpress templates are located. is taken. However, these templates cannot be used for Persian sites because they are in English and suitable for Persian sites. Be that as it may, everything looks great if you want to use these templates for any reason. You can translate them and use them easily.

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Installing the Template From the WordPress Repository

You can pick the template you want from the template channel menu with any plan and variety, the variety of templates is perfect to the point that you will definitely pick one of them. Obviously, if your site is Farsi, you should make it Persian and right-aligned. So you can find the template you want from the properties menu.

Select the theme, plan, and indicators you want, a rundown of templates will be displayed for you, and you can click on the review to see the demo of any template you want. You can also click on the install button to install and use any template you want.

Upload WordPress Template From PC

To add a theme from a personal PC, click on the upload skin button from the top of the page. A page similar to the one beneath will open for you. On this page, you have to click on the pick file button and select the compressed file from your framework. In this part, you must click on install now and wait for the shell to load.

Errors While Uploading WordPress Template

If you experience a blunder during uploading, you ought to transfer the template compress file to the wp-content/themes folder and de-pressurize it, and then go to View > Themes from the WordPress admin panel and activate the theme.

If the template upload were effective, a page like the one underneath would be displayed for you.

As you can see, by clicking on the template activation button, your skin will be activated, and the template installation interaction will be finished. After installing the template, you can also install various plugins to actually look at the site’s Website optimization and different things.

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