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Managing User Access Levels in WordPress


If you are one of the webmasters who use many individuals to create content on your website, it is necessary for somebody other than you to regulate the activities of the webpage so the website can be run proficiently. In this part, we will assist you with learning more about managing the access level of WordPress users. Therefore, we intend to give you a practical plugin in WordPress that you can use for managing user access levels and adding or eliminating access to parts of the site.

Managing User Access Levels in WordPress

One of the most amazing plugins that you can use to manage the access level in WordPress is the Advance access manager.

The abbreviation of the name of this plugin is AAM, which has been enrolled in the WordPress repository. With this plugin, you can create an access level for your site in WordPress for new and special users. You can give access to different areas to users or make any changes you want, or you can try and take access to segments from your users.

Installing and activating the Advance access manager plugin

After installing and running this plugin, a sub-menu called AAM will be created in your WordPress dashboard according to the photo underneath. By clicking on this choice, you can access the management of this plugin, and you are able to edit the access level of users and create a management level for new users.

Things you can do with the AAM plugin in WordPress:

  • Create specific user jobs for your users.
  • Create another user job with your ideal access level.
  • You can edit the user job of one of the users and manage their access in the WordPress dashboard.
  • You can personalize access to different segments for watchers.

How to edit a specific user job in WordPress?

If you want to edit a user job in WordPress or eliminate the access level in the counter segments or add it, you ought to use the perfect menu of WordPress called Rules. The capability of this menu is to choose the job you want from among the user jobs on your site and click on the gear symbol.

After clicking on the gear in the menu that opens on the left, click on Capabilities. To access different kinds of access to different parts of WordPress.

You can manage all the access available in the WordPress menus on this page. By ticking each choice, you can see the degree of access in WordPress for your ideal user job.

You can set the WordPress access level by activating the moderate_comment choice.

Adding a specific user job in WordPress

If you want to create another user job with the degree of access you want in WordPress on the site, simply click on the Create button on the right half of the WordPress AAM plugin.

The image will be opened as a lightbox for you by clicking on this choice. To start with, select the ideal title for your ideal user job in the name field.

Then, in the Inherit Capabilities From segment, if you want this user job to be a copy of the access level in WordPress for the user job on the site that has more or more restricted access than that, select the parent job from this part, which is the default have to access to the same user task.

If you want to eliminate all access from this job, activate the Also clone all access settings choice and finally click on the Add Ali choice.

To edit the user job, you can use the Capabilities choice to choose and customize the necessary access for the ideal user job.

edit user access to the counter

If you want to edit the degree of access in WordPress to the ideal part of the WordPress counter for a specific user, as shown in the image underneath, first click on the Users tab and after selecting the ideal user, click on the gear symbol.

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To edit a user job and add a user job, you should use the Capabilities choice, and you can manage them in the access segment. One of the features of this plugin is that you can lock a user to deny access to the WordPress dashboard.

Login to the counter of different users (access level) in WordPress

One of the features that have been added to this plugin is the chance to enter the management dashboard of different users, who can act as them or view the site from their dashboard. This feature allows you to see or edit all levels a normal user can access.

To start this work, it is necessary to choose the ideal user from the Users area and click on the specified symbol to access the ideal user’s counter in the new window without the need to enter the password and username.

Advance access manager plugin is one of the most mind-blowing management level plugins in WordPress, and this plugin has had the option to get 60,000 active installations and get a score of 3.6

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